Raymond Cote

MARK SUSTER’S post is an attempts to visualize an optimal palette of horizontally resizable cloud-function API-layers. Cloud-API layers so fundamental and universally reusable that their collective destiny, when distilled via evolutionary commoditization, is to imbue that old “the network is the commuter” vision with an effective, actionable, layered embodiment.

MARK SUSTER outlines the, horizontally resizable, cloud-API layers that have already been commoditized, the layers that are  in the process of being commoditized and speculates as to what other commoditization layers will emerge. 

The comment section has some great dialectic discussion on the tipping point at which we should push universally commoditized API-functions down into the internet’s cloud-computing engine room without risk of stifling innovation.

The universe is made up of a multitude of layered platforms. Sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, complex molecules, life molecules, cells, organisms, social structure, technology, computing APIs, cloud computing APIs, social graph APIs, organic community APIs, organic democracy APIs. Each layer is a form of software that sits atop the layer below it. As you move up these stacked layers each layer is a form of software that algorithmically recombines the components of the stabilized layer below it as if those components were fixed reusable firmware components. One layers software is the next layers firmware components all the way up and down this great God-Head cosmic stack feast. As we move towards the top layers of that stack the spirit of living organic dynamism mischievously destabilizes the separation between the layer. The more environmentally dynamic software layers are able to reach down via interlayer feedback to dynamically alter their own substrate firmware layer. This creates an endlessly complex echo chamber between cause and effect across all the biological, social and computer-extended-social layers of this cosmic reality stack.

All that to say, that at this stage of our emerging cloud-API driven noosphere we are now firmly under the control of a particularly powerful strange attractor, the teleology of self-selecting, self re-enforcing organic complexity.

In other words, in this cosmically complex show, we are in the cheap seats and from this vantage point it is impossible to discern the optimal tipping point between cloud-API software and cloud-API firmware. We may be able to develop a conscious methodology for rolling with the organic punches by using nature’s cheat sheet to extract and distill the universal, reusable, organic schema used so successfully by biological systems and consciously apply those evolutionary schema to our own distributed cloud-API eco-system.