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#3 The Facebook Platform has one huge weakness: Niche Distribution

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Any successful Facebook Platform developer knows how you build a successful social app. Cater to 100% of the population. The symmetrical and emotional relationships on Facebook only assume that friends have “emotional glue” connecting each other. Unlike Twitter with “interest glue” or Linkedin with “professional glue”, on Facebook you can only assume people will share content that emotionally resonates with a significant percent of their friends and their friends with only click and re-share content that emotionally resonates with them.

The key here is “emotional resonance”. The only content that can spread far and wide on Facebook is content that resonates with basic human emotions and resonates with an extremely high percentage of the population. That leaves about 99% of content out. This content is often called “boring” or “niche” content. B2B business, niche causes, and niche interests are left out while Coke, puppies, Lady Gaga, and Farmville explode.

How Google changes things?
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Still let us not forget
that both Facebook and Google are huge corporate profit machines.

Ultimately they aim to own and control the social graph, that immense Social/Web-Semantic-Database-Mapping that constitutes our societal group brain, the very soul of our emerging collective global consciousness, the long awaited NOOSPHERE!

Both Google and Facebook represent privately owned

They are corporate interlopers here to lay claim to the mother of all legacies, the historic sum total of all human effort and knowledge, the thousands of years of cumulative human social capital that rightfully belongs to the global human community as a whole.

Even worse they plan to shackle that mother of all legacies, that cumulative human social capital, as a beast of burden simple to fuel profits for their advertising platforms.

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